What happened to RageEffect?

Even though I knew RageEffect was gonna be a success, I couldn’t keep up paying for the server since I also had other financial problems, my mistake was buying an expensive server, which I later realized it wasn’t needed.
I should’ve bought a small one instead then once it became enough popular buy a better one.

As for the game, I promised my players that there’ll be a Second beta with lots of improvements, unfortunately I realized that the connection problems stratus had were impossible to fix and that continuing the game with that enormous connection bug would be a bad idea. I mean when my game was up, there were 80% people who couldn’t join, 80% of those people experienced connectivity problems which was a really really bad thing.

I apologize to the players who expected the second beta, cause there wont be any..for now.


It’s pretty much alive and breathing , but not in the flesh of flash but inside a small .exe application !

That’s right, I’m rewriting the whole game, no more flash problems, no more slow downs
it will be reborn, stronger as ever, faster than the speed of light, and better than anything.