What is RageEffect ?

It’s a temporary name for almost all of my projects and it’s also the official name of my Flash Multiplayer game

Like I said, I’ve made several RageEffects, they were all different from each other
One was a PHP/Flash hybrid, which had interactive turn based combats, that game was never released due to lack of content, I realized that there was no way for me to add lots of content, the game itself was pretty much finished.

Second one was a Flash strategy game, also a web game, decided to abandon the project for some reason.

Third one was a java RTS using pulpcore, abondoned because of the crappy java networking

Fourth one was an original 3D tower defense game, which I later abondoned cause I found out that somebody already came up with the idea before me and is about to publish his game soon ( his game won a XNA Dream,Build & Play award )

Fifth is the official game which was hosted on www.RageEffect.com ( down for now ) , the fast paced non-stop action multiplayer game, all thanks to their new technology Adobe Stratus which allowed me to create peer to peer connections through flash.

Here are some beta screens of the official RageEffect game: