From XNA to SlimDX ( Part 1 )

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here who thinks XNA framework as a great tool for learning how to program in DirectX. Isn’t it great to be able to use the power of DirectX with C# and have all these thousands and thousands of tutorials all around the web? It sure is.
Sadly the more XNA progresses the more simple it becomes , all those low-level functions are removed and we’re forced to use those weird functions that we’ll never encounter in the real DirectX API. How are we supposed to learn how to use DirectX if we got functions like LoadThis(), DrawThat() and DoTheFancyMysticalThingWeWillNeverKnowAbout() ?

This is where SlimDX comes in to save us in a lame ridiculous way, we could consider XNA like the successful wealthy bald guy with a huge proud smile on his face while SlimDX being that guy with glasses, looking bit tough, following everything, being up to date but who hides constantly in the shadows and not to forget : we don’t know shit ‘bout him !
From now on I’m calling SlimDX Clark Kent. We all know Clark exists but we have no clue who he really is, he isn’t popular either, no one interviews him, no one helps him and people aren’t comfortable being next to him. Luckily Clark Kent doesn’t care about popularity, so whether you know him or not he’ll still be as powerful as ever and he’ll keep getting stronger.

He isn’t that different from us and once you get to know him you’ll see how great he is and how amazing his powers are, powers beyond -Luthor-XNA.

(Now that I written this useless post, next one will be about how the porting went.)