A picture I found of my old abandoned 2D RTS =)

( I was probably doing stress tests on that pic )

This was actually few years back before I started working on Faction Command =)
I guess it had pretty much everything done: path-finding, economy system, networking support and even the ability to mod ( using a .ini based system like in the old Westwood games ).

The only real reason why I stopped making it is because of the insane work required in order to make those little animated sprites. It might sound stupid, but sprites are a big deal in any isometric game. Imagine you want to put this idle animation on a unit, in order to do that you have to first draw the idle animation and then do the same thing for each possible angle you want him to face !
( An animation with 10 frames, in 8 angles already equals to 80 frames to draw ! )

As you make more animations the amount of frames increase to a point where you have this huge enormous file containing more than 500 frames, this becomes an horror if you plan on later changing a small detail, cause you got to do it for every single frame !

Luckily, 3D games don’t have that problem, because you don’t have to worry about doing any boring repetitive work =)