In the beginning, I was actually making some sort of HTML-like user interface for my game where it would basically support all kind of HTML features and allow users to easily edit and mod the UI themselves without a sweat. But even though my UI engine had a lot of basic stuff done, it wasn’t fully finished nor was it any near the power of the mighty HTML. I made a promise to myself that I would work more on the game than the engine or some other dumb pointless features that can be added or improved later, so I needed to get it done fast. It was either finishing my UI engine which would’ve taken at least a month or two, or find something that might work as a replacement.

At some point thanks to the Wolfire Blog and their ingenious idea of implementing webkit, I said to myself : “Hey, why not?”

An RTS game doesn’t use the GUI much, nor does it require any fancy effects since those might distract or just simply annoy the player while he’s ingame, having html+js for the UI was the perfect choice. Using chromium engine ( through Awesomium ) to do all the rendering, logic, the solution ended up being really handy ! Thanks to it, not only did I save a hell lot of time but I’ve implemented something really powerful and flexible.

( Picture shows the half-arsed alpha-beta-gamma lobby screen, re implemented into webkit )