Fun gameplay

Fun is the one of the most important elements in any game.

Games have to be fun, otherways people wouldn’t play them? True, but unfortunately, the problem is that the word fun varies from genres and slowly through time it evolves and changes. We found Pac-Man fun in the beginning, but what if the game was released today ? It would’ve been considered as a one boring, replayability-lacking and unimaginative game. The reason why it would turn out like that,is because that genre ( which can be put into action games ) has a strong evolving definition of ‘fun’, because it’s a game that can be played only in one way and doesn’t have much to offer in terms of strategy choices. How about if we choose to go with Chess? Did chess become boring? No, Chess has kept its title of being a good game thanks to all the possible strategies you’re able to use. RTS games are like that, but even better. They do not only offer good reliable strategy choices, but they also rely on your speed of execution of those strategies.

You might think that a realistic RTS game might be fun, it’s not. Fun gameplay and a realistic world don’t mix well, reality involves one of the most strategy-defying elements called “randomness”. Having randomness kills most strategy and ruins the gameplay in a worst way possible. Imagine if Chess games were realistic and your every piece had a certain percentage of defeating the opposing piece, that would render most known strategies useless and the outcome of the whole battle will be fully depend on a lucky roll of dice.

A good RTS bases on reliable strategies and speed, just like Chess but without turns.