( Who the hell am I kidding, that chart is way underestimating my success. )

Been fixing some few bugs I’ve made recently because of the whole materials refactoring, but unfortunately I couldn’t spend too much time. Time is now becoming more and more important for me since I’m no longer a student and I no longer have the power to work on the game whenever I want. Ten months ago, before I started to work, I thought that an IT job would be pretty much equal to a school, much to my surprise, I was wrong. Somehow, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t doing much at school, which in consequence granted me all this energy to spend on coding in the evening, but now at work I actually have to use my energy all the time leaving me so little to spend on the game. Not to forget the infinite amount of distractions available to me after work that just suck away my time.

Luckily there’s an advantage to this whole shitty situations, the more away I am from making my game, the more motivated I become.

Oh look, a new episode of Game of Thrones is out today !