2nd underestimation : From ground-up and beyond

Although I did write at some point that making an engine and a game at the same time can be a challenge, but if you add something such as a RTS gameplay using various experimental techniques that you see mostly in recent games it will definitely result in BOTTLENECKS.
Especially when you’re the only one developer.

The solution is to actually avoid looking too far into the future, it’s true that I’m not going to be able to replicate Unreal Engine 4 tech nor have my game directly explode like Minecraft did due to my engine’s platform limitations. However, I can start with something simple, finish it and then develop and advance this technology.

The biggest bottleneck for my project is the fact that I chose to create an engine along with it instead of using an existing one, it’s not exactly something simple but thanks to it I learned a hell lot of things and my knowledge was overfilled with all those little secrets and techniques. Now that I’ve already have something in place, a custom and personal engine made and optimized just for this game, it seems a little bit pointless to use another one, especially when there are no good free engines that specialize in RTS genre ( not counting SpringRTS ).