So you’ve made a game and it turns out to be a great idea but has some small annoyances or badly tweaked gameplay mechanics.
What do you do then?

The most common option would be to constantly release updates and hope that everyone remains happy. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same opinions about the gameplay mechanics. Tweaking one thing will break another player’s experience. Balancing the whole game is one hell of a hard task. Most importantly, balance issues can break the whole game; giving advantage to some and not others will make you lose your players pretty fast ( Blizzard actually spent a year correcting the balance in Starcraft 2 even when the game was done ). Anyhow, balancing is one of the most important aspects and it is pretty damn hard to manage, especially in strategy games.

The less obvious option of keeping everyone happy would be to allow users to modify the game themselves, basically allowing them to create mods for the game. Balancing, gameplay tweaking and improvements can be done by the community itself ! There are probably a lot more experienced people in this world who are better at balancing the gameplay than you, and if you allow them to fix it up, they will do it. By allowing modding, they will create their own versions of the game that fit their needs and expectations, increasing replayability and making everyone happy.

It’s the reason why I chose to make my own engine. The secondary goal of my project is to provide an highly customizable RTS engine that anyone could use to create their own strategy games.