That image represents last year and that wonderful new year !

Luckily I didn’t have to take a photo of me walking on a shit because I knew that somewhere on the internet, there had to be a picture of some guy walking on a turd. And there it was, the perfect photograph for this post.

Anyhow, what shitty lessons have we learned these last 2 years?

Boredom + Game Dev Work = Great Progress
Studies + Game Dev Work = Good Progress & Failed Exams
Real Paying Job + Game Dev Work = No Progress & Lots of Money Real Paying Job + Exaggerated Complex Long Term Game Project = Knowledge & Burnout & Less money

Clearly there was a problem in my maths, “Real Paying Job” variable was slowing down my progress and it was causing some other negative side effects, like making money. It wasn’t about hard work, challenges or finished projects anymore, it was all about working on same things every day and getting paid fixed amount of money ( with small bonuses here and there of course, but that doesn’t matter much ).

There is no fun, no challenge and no satisfaction in doing repetitive work.

So I did what any normal unlicensed doctor would do, I removed that parasite without knowing what might happen next. Because after all, there is no success without failure, and there is no failure unless you’re completely broke and live your life off eating noodles and other unhealthy stuff !

Now here I am, with 3 weeks of work left, twiddling my thumbs and waiting until I can start my new life as a hobo game developer.