Crappy last year's projects

Finally I have the freedom I’ve always craved for and my thirst for game dev will be eventually quenched. There were some – well, actually a huge 2 month delay because I had to finish documenting certain things at my previous job, but that’s now done and finished.

There were few games over the last year that I tried to work on, some were great ideas, others were just silly stuff. Anyhow, here they are :

Project 1 : Improper Ways

I’ve been a quite fan of Commando series and Desperados back when games used more about strategy and tactics than silly stories and fancy graphics. It’s clear that nowadays we don’t see many games in this style, so I thought why not try to make one? The twist to my idea is that you play with bad guys rather than some good-hearted heroes ( who doesn’t love anti-heroes ? =D ). I’ve had plenty of interesting things planned for this game but once again due to lack of time and energy I’ve had to put this one to sleep.

Project 2 : RageSouls ( aka RageFX remake )

Well, this game, which started mostly everything, had to be remade.
I made it first in XNA, then in my own engine ( the one used for my strategy game ) and then in Java ( thought it would be interesting to have it cross-platform ) but in the end I didn’t get anywhere because once again, no time.

Project 3 : Moderator

Wouldn’t it be interesting to play a forum thread and fight all the people who posted in that thread? I thought it would. Also postponed.

Project 4 : Intoxication simulator

This one is kind of self explanatory heh.