Unity is spaghetti

I’ve been avoiding Unity for years now, mostly because every time I use it I have to lower my programming standards and that makes my hands feel dirty, very very dirty.

But this time, I said fuck it I’ll do something quick and fancy.
Reason behind that due to my poordom, I’m currently poor and living in a cardboard box with my laptop is hard, especially during the rainy days. Costs of cardboard boxes are increasing every month, and those free boxes that people throw out are constantly taken away by the more popular hobos around me. My goal is to get some money and hire some people to steal those people’s boxes, it’s a flawless plan and they’ll never know who did it, the only thing they’ll see will be my badass box fort - which I’ll later transform into a box city.

Anyhow, the only way to achieve my goals would be to use Unity, the poor dev’s friend.

You thought that I would never make stupid puzzle games? Well, guess what the following image is?

Damn right, a motherfucking brain-teasing super-hardcore puzzle game.