Marketing newb

As you can notice on this fancy graph, the moment when I stopped marketing ( aka paying those greedy review websites ) was the moment my game started loosing interest.

The fancy red line I drew, that was the day I stopped banging my head on the walls hoping to gain more popularity. Who would’ve thought marketing is a full time job? Heh, I didn’t ! ( well maybe a bit )

One of the biggest issues for my launch was forgetting to setup at least a minimal anti-pirating measures, and before I even realized that android was a sea of booty-hunters, my full game was already mirrored on thousands of sites. This made my heart cry :’(

(Current amount of mirrors, glad to see pirating community being so active )

That graph above is only for the free version and the one for people who actually bought the game is way too embarrassing to be shown anywhere at all. And unfortunately, when I said my game was doing great, that was just the first good weeks, but now it’s currently going nowhere.

Currently at this moment, I’m working on putting the game simultaneously on Windows Phone and iPhone through some friend’s company. Hopefully they’re gonna help me out with marketing as well because I’m not really good at that, considering that I lost more than I gained due to those expensive reviews.