Finally finished my particle editor and implemented in the editor, also worked some more on the animations and implemented two handed weapons ( using them won’t let you hang or slide & shoot )

Ow yeah I’ve added weapon weight as well so you won’t be able to run/jump with a heavy weapon as fast as with a knife, everyone knows you run faster with the knifes.

Sorry for the long wait, been partying for bit too long =P

I’ve also made a lot of sketches/ideas which I might post them here a bit later.

For now, enjoy the explosionz

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I have to finish what I started, that's my mission

Didn’t expect this to be so frustrating, had to create a spline editor and gradient color picker just for this simple tool.

Anyways I have to finish what I started.

Here’s a Beee-uuuu-tifull pic :

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Making stuff easier =)

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Rerereremaking the character and style

Last one was too bulky and fat, so I thought it’d be better if I had a slim fast cool character instead

Have to remake all the animations now, that means lots of work =)

( notice he has arms unlike the other chars )

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Advanced Particles yay!

Wonder what I was working on?

I was making a particle system ! No, not a dumb stupid velocity+1 crap but some advanced shit that you probably don’t care and won’t understand ! =D

Thats no way near to what my particles ingame will look like, I’ll make them so awesomely hawt that’ll you’ll be constantly pissing blood while playing RageEffect 2.

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The old RageRffect is BACK !

Yep, its at www.rageFx.com

RageEffect.com will stay as the official blog link

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Pweeety colors

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The old good RageEffect will be back soon

That’s right !

I already ordered a new server, we’ll be moving sooooon !

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