I stripped out a lot of code from the new version, so I’m slowly putting things back while taking in account all the issues that I hadn’t anticipated in my previous version. It’s not exactly a slow process because I’m mostly copy pasting working things from the legacy code, but the advantage is that I can now properly arrange the code structure and make it cleaner and more stable.

I’ll try to write about the issues I had encountered next time.
Enjoy my new fancy water shore effect for now =)

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What I’ve been doing lately, well, at least what I used to do before I snapped.

What you see on that picture is the new animation editor ( old one here ) I was working on, a small side game project which was supposed to help me rest from constant RTS coding, I actually wanted to remake my first flash game but then something even worse struck me.I’ll make this extremely vague and just say that a lot of bad shit happened, and the progress of the actual RTS was postponed for quite a while ( …or several months ) and we never finished the playable beta which we wanted to release before the new year. Me and the team encountered a lot of unforeseen issues with the current RTS project that required some heavy changes, to which I didn’t have enough mindpower or time to spend. Also, the increasing work at my actual job drained much of my mental energy everyday, and at some point I had decided to not to touch anything related to game development at all.

Basically long story short : I was in a shitstorm and no significant progress were made during that storm.

I wouldn’t be exactly posting this if there weren’t any good news, the current good news is that I’m slowly getting back on the development.

( Oh right, about the factioncommand domain going down, I just forgot to pay for it and it went away, woops =P )

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