Goodbye RageFX, hello eXiin !

You might’ve noticed lack of updates or anything else ( which is probably nothing new to you if you’ve been reading this blog for a while :P ), but there’s a good reason to that.

RageFX lasted long enough, I kind of ruined the whole development thing due to random problems and slow progress and the reason behind that was mostly laziness ( procrastination can be pretty powerful ) . Working on projects alone is never a good idea, loosing focus, interest or starting new projects every day will never get you anywhere.

This is time, I’ll be working along side with another talented developer on new projects ( and I’ll be bringing old projects back to life as well ) and we’ll be constantly kicking each other asses for accelerated development. We’ve been working together for few months already and things are progressing faster than ever !

You might want to check out the new company name and website, since my new blog posts will appear there and this blog will slowly fade away into darkness :

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Some big news coming soon

Stay tuned, some might like it some might not.
But in any case, it’s all good news for RageFX !

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One of the unexpected things that happened this year was getting my game accepted into this 3-day game expo.

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I have to admit that this is completely new to me, I’ve never done such thing and to be honest I wasn’t even sure what I was signing up for.
Some big studios are gonna be swimming there like sharks, probably with a way higher budget than anything I’ve made so far - hopefully, I won’t get eaten up and overshadowed by the big fishes.

Anyway, I believe that showcasing my game during those days is gonna be a fun experience.

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