Animation Editor

Experimenting with new animation system

First, I’m kind of late but Merry Christmas to ya all

Second, there been lots of bug fixing , and planning. I’ve tried implementing a new animation system which would grant me even more control over my animations, but sadly after a huge time of work I failed doing it and noticed that it would be better if I left my animation system as it is. Although I might reconsider later and try to implement it again =)

For now , I successfully implemented sword attacks and made them work on both clients( it was kind of a dilemma, didn’t exactly know how I would make it work )

Here have some gif animation !

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Wanna try my Animation Editor out? No problemo !

Just a dev version of my animation Editor,

Here’s the download link


  • XNA 3.1
  • .NET framework 3.5 or something, anyway you probably already have that

Some unclear stuff :

  • Clicking on Animation line on the top sends you to Animation Proprieties
  • Right click hold on a bone = rotate bone, it’ll rotate it towards the mouse position
  • Those weird things on the top under the animation name = frames, clicking them shows more options
  • Clicking a bone gets you more options, for framed sprites you can change the frame
  • Mouse scroll = Zoom

Any kind of advice or improvements appreciated =)

Also as for spelling mistakes, I’ll fix them later

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Some more improvements on my editor

Say hello to Mr. FacePunch

then watch him DANCE !

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Skeletal Animation Editor

Well added final stuff to my Animation Editor

  • Onion skin ( shows the previous frame )
  • Full Undo & Redo
  • Saving & Loading ( yea, it didn’t save or load before )
  • Auto backup ( in case you mess up badly )
  • Better rotation handling
  • Animation player

Time to port the animation system to the game =D

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My frist Skeletal Animation Editor !

What? Whyyy?

What do you mean why? Sometimes when you’re making a 2d game, you need tools and sometimes you can’t find those tools and what do you do then? Spend a whole week searching for it and praying to god that someone else makes one cause you just don’t have time to deal with that kind of stuff.
Well, that’s what happened to me. I didn’t find what I was searching for and got so frustrated that I decided to stop searching for it and start making my own. Until this day I’ve never made a tool, so behold! My own animation editor.

It lacks some features but c’mon look at it, isn’t it beautiful? =)

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