Experimenting with new animation system

First, I’m kind of late but Merry Christmas to ya all

Second, there been lots of bug fixing , and planning. I’ve tried implementing a new animation system which would grant me even more control over my animations, but sadly after a huge time of work I failed doing it and noticed that it would be better if I left my animation system as it is. Although I might reconsider later and try to implement it again =)

For now , I successfully implemented sword attacks and made them work on both clients( it was kind of a dilemma, didn’t exactly know how I would make it work )

Here have some gif animation !

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What I've been doing these past days

Well except being sick, I watched the beatifull snow fall outside my home as the heating warmed my body, helping me get better.

I’ve read lots of useful articles and saw many interesting ideas I could implement into my game.
There was one thing really annoying me, giving me headaches, blending two animations together it was
after lot’s of tries, I finally succeeded making it ( partially ) work.

Yay! look at the guy =D

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Arrrgg, I never thought that it'd take so much time.

Had to rewrite my whole animation system to improve performance and just so I could make this awkward animation.

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Wanna try my Animation Editor out? No problemo !

Just a dev version of my animation Editor,

Here’s the download link


  • XNA 3.1
  • .NET framework 3.5 or something, anyway you probably already have that

Some unclear stuff :

  • Clicking on Animation line on the top sends you to Animation Proprieties
  • Right click hold on a bone = rotate bone, it’ll rotate it towards the mouse position
  • Those weird things on the top under the animation name = frames, clicking them shows more options
  • Clicking a bone gets you more options, for framed sprites you can change the frame
  • Mouse scroll = Zoom

Any kind of advice or improvements appreciated =)

Also as for spelling mistakes, I’ll fix them later

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Some more improvements on my editor

Say hello to Mr. FacePunch

then watch him DANCE !

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Lazy monday

Added some colors, and gave my map a darker look + pixel shader on the map’s background

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That’s right ! Now imagine that screen all wavy and moving

That is the beauty of pixel shaders, yet another thing flash doesn’t have =)

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Rewrote my camera system to include zooming and camera rotating =)

Also made a new character, slightly more detailed.

He’s a bit ugleh but don’t worry, I’ll make him prettier once I finish some stuff.

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Animation in game - DONE !

Yay, now the game has some sweet smooth animations, just like a flash application would.

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Skeletal Animation Editor

Well added final stuff to my Animation Editor

  • Onion skin ( shows the previous frame )
  • Full Undo & Redo
  • Saving & Loading ( yea, it didn’t save or load before )
  • Auto backup ( in case you mess up badly )
  • Better rotation handling
  • Animation player

Time to port the animation system to the game =D

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