RageEffect.com and RageFX.com

Can’t believe I forgot to redirect those two domains to this blog, well now at least if any one visits one of the domains they’ll get redirected to my blog instead of that “parked domain” page =)

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What I've been doing these past days

Well except being sick, I watched the beatifull snow fall outside my home as the heating warmed my body, helping me get better.

I’ve read lots of useful articles and saw many interesting ideas I could implement into my game.
There was one thing really annoying me, giving me headaches, blending two animations together it was
after lot’s of tries, I finally succeeded making it ( partially ) work.

Yay! look at the guy =D

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Arrrgg, I never thought that it'd take so much time.

Had to rewrite my whole animation system to improve performance and just so I could make this awkward animation.

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Wanna try my Animation Editor out? No problemo !

Just a dev version of my animation Editor,

Here’s the download link


  • XNA 3.1
  • .NET framework 3.5 or something, anyway you probably already have that

Some unclear stuff :

  • Clicking on Animation line on the top sends you to Animation Proprieties
  • Right click hold on a bone = rotate bone, it’ll rotate it towards the mouse position
  • Those weird things on the top under the animation name = frames, clicking them shows more options
  • Clicking a bone gets you more options, for framed sprites you can change the frame
  • Mouse scroll = Zoom

Any kind of advice or improvements appreciated =)

Also as for spelling mistakes, I’ll fix them later

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Some more improvements on my editor

Say hello to Mr. FacePunch

then watch him DANCE !

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Week off

Don’t expect any posts next week, will get back to work on friday (11 Dec)


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Lazy monday

Added some colors, and gave my map a darker look + pixel shader on the map’s background

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That’s right ! Now imagine that screen all wavy and moving

That is the beauty of pixel shaders, yet another thing flash doesn’t have =)

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Rewrote my camera system to include zooming and camera rotating =)

Also made a new character, slightly more detailed.

He’s a bit ugleh but don’t worry, I’ll make him prettier once I finish some stuff.

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Animation in game - DONE !

Yay, now the game has some sweet smooth animations, just like a flash application would.

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