Pointless tips

Sometimes you just have to point out that there is a reason why I put a big fat reset button.

I guess some people are better at reading explanations rather than trying to understand things by themselves =/

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Finalizing Google Play Store page

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More gifs

And more bugs

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What’s a fighting game without blood?

If I have to add blood effects to a game, then I shall add so much blood that it’ll be spilling out of your screen as you play.

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It's all about fights nigga

Including pointless rolling :

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Holyshit an update!

I got a nice plot for this game, gonna post more info soon as I progress.

I was slightly inspired by this wonderful game called “Glorious Leader” :

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True love simulator


( ZQSD to move around )

“Not sure what I’m doing anymore, but hey at least I’m doing something!” ~ My thought process

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Unity stuff…

My other puzzle game will be on hold for a while until I become a market store pimp. Shit, I must’ve already unlocked several achievements with the title : “DELAY YOUR GAMES BY X AMOUNT”

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The game is now almost finished, all I need is to put some music and sounds and then polish it a bit to fit all platforms.

The sooner I’m done with this, the earlier I can start working on something awesome that doesn’t involve geometrical figures =P

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Why a puzzle game?

Well, I kind of miss playing games where I start easy and then in the end I’m bashing my head on the wall while destroying everything around me like one hell of a pissed off hulk.

It is true that we have nowadays those nearly-impossible-to-complete games where it is required to have those crazy robot-level skills, but how about a game where improving your reflexes does not help?

A game where speed or precision doesn’t matter, a game which will still fuck your head up in many ways?

I don’t know if there are any hardcore puzzle games for the moment ( since I don’t play that much on my mobile ) but I do know that mine will make you tear off all your pubic hair from your genital area.

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